Buddy W’s Page


Woof woof woof!

My name is Buddy, I'm a Yellow Lab, and I was adopted by my mom when I was two years old. Until that time, I thought I was a kangaroo and jumped on everyone I met. My mom took me to basic training classes, Canine Good Citizen classes, and Delta Society training, where I learned good manners, and best of all, I discovered that I was actually a very happy DOG.

I've been with mom for three years now and we have so much fun. We've visited people in nursing homes and assisted living centers to make them smile and let them pet and give me hugs. We also visit the library where kids read to me. That is my very favorite thing to do. Of course, I really like taking walks, playing with my toys and EATING! On the other hand, I'm a dedicated worker and always help mom with her housework. She never does anything alone.

For some reason, I don't bark very often. Mom says over the past three years, she has heard me speak about 5 times. However, she tells me that I do a lot of barking when I'm dreaming. Such a mystery! I also have a very good sense of humor and make everyone laugh at the funny things I do.

Oh, by the way, I really like to get messages on the computer, so please write me a note. Who knows, you might give me a reason to bark!  LOL

And, if you write me an email, I promise to write you back!

I like to write email too.  You can email me at Buddy_W@READingPaws.org