Cari’s Page


Woof !

My name Cari and I am a black Labrador Retriever.  I was born in Atlanta and when I was a little bitty baby, my Mom came and picked me up and we went to Orlando.  My sister, Bessie, came too.  She lives in Orlando too and we have sister parties together. 

I have lots of dogs who live at my house.    Abbi is fun to play with - we get into lots of trouble together.  Tarra is my pain in the neck sister.  She is always pestering me.  She likes to swim too - like me!

I love to go swimming, chase birds, stalk ducks, run after tennis balls and to listen to you read to me!  Please will you come and share a book with me?

I love to receive and send email too. 

You can email me too!