CeeJay’s Page


Woof woof woof!

Hi Kids.  I am CeeJay.  I am a loving and lovable 6 year old Golden Retriever, who found his forever family through Adopt a Golden Atlanta.  My people parents named me "CJ" to stand for Casey, Jr.  See, their oldest dog and my big brother is Casey (he is a yellow dog, too).  So when I came along they 

said let's call him Casey, Jr.  And because my parents are soooo funny and clever, they spelled my name funny...so I am CeeJay.  I love my family.  I already mentioned Casey.  He is bigger than me and really smart.  My mom always says he has the softest fur of any dog she knows.  I have another brother... Cubie.  He is a lot bigger than me.  When I came to my home I didn't know much of anything.  My older brothers taught me how to be a great dog.  They taught me when and where we eat 'scoops' (that's what we call breakfast and dinner), where we sleep, where we nap and where to take care of our outside business.


Being a Golden Retriever, of course I LOVE water, anywhere I can find it.  Lucky for me my parents have a swimming place.  I get to swim in the lake, retrieve tennis balls and take lots of boat rides.  When it is time to come home I go to sleep as soon as I get in the truck and sleep the whole way home.


The things I love to do include swimming and retrieving (preferably at the same time!), eating pine cones, and collecting bellyrubs. I am happiest when I can be RIGHTHERE (where ever you are I want to be right beside you), always enthusiastic and looking to help - whether it is licking dirty dishes in the  

dishwasher or helping move laundry all around the house.


I passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.  That means I know how to be a good dog with people.  I am also a registered Therapy Dog. And as part of a team with my Dad, I am now a certified READing Paws volunteer.  I am excited to get to hear new stories and meet new friends!

I love to get emails!  You can email me and I will write back to you!