Charlie’s  Page


Woof woof woof!

My name is Charlie, and I am a goldendoodle!    Do you know what that is?  (No, it's not like a snickerdoodle or a yankee doodle.)   I am part golden retriever, and part standard poodle.    My birthday is February 24, 2005.   When is yours?

Besides being a READ dog, I also visit Vanderbilt Hospital as a therapy dog.  It's a great job because all I have to do is let people love, and pet and hug favorite things!    

Some of my other  favorite things include peanut butter (mmmmm  - I'm not allergic, are you?),   riding in the car,  walking around the block,  taking naps  (zzzzzzz ) and READING!  I  especially LOVE books about dogs!!

Hope we can read together sometime soon -- but you can email me now!