Chloe’s Page



My name is Chloe and I am a Golden Retriever.  I was born on August 6, 2008 and I will be six years old this year.  My Mom and Dad adopted me from an Amish farm in Maryland.  My Dad was a big golden and my Mom was a smaller golden.  They both lived together on the farm.  I was one of twelve puppies.  I lived in Maryland for my first four years and moved to Florida when I was 5 years old.  I was so excited when I first arrived at our new house.  I had my very own swimming pool to swim in and I love to swim.  When I was little I loved to retrieve a small water football.  I had that in my mouth most of the time. 

The Golden Retriever breed originated in Scotland and we were bred to help our pack leaders to hunt waterfowl.  We have a double coat of fur that enables us to wade through heavy vegetation and a “soft mouth” that allows us to pick up a hunters quarry and bring it back to our pack leader.  Golden Retrievers are very popular family pets now, and I don't get to hunt much.  My family takes me outside for exercise at least twice a day for thirty minutes, sometimes even an hour.  I love to run.  I have a very keen sense of smell, and I can track just about anything.  I particularly enjoy chasing squirrels and rabbits.  I really have not caught one yet, they are very fast. 

I have a brother at home; he is a yellow Labrador retriever. His name is Jackson.  He and I love to play together.  He is really good at catching a Frisbee and diving down in our pool to retrieve his toys.  I like swimming, but not diving.  He brings the toy up from the bottom of the pool and we play with it together.  I am really good at pool volley ball.  I can volley the ball back and forth with my Mom all day long.

My Mom thought since I love kids, dogs and even cats, that I would enjoy being a therapy dog.  She is very smart, because I just love being with kids and especially listening to stories they read to me.  I work at Fruitland Park Elementary School during the school year. 

If you have any questions for me, or just want to tell me a story, send me an email at  and I’ll write back to you!Remember, keep READing!!! 

Your Pal,