Cori’s Page


Roo Roo, I'm Cori!

I'm a former racing greyhound.  I won one race and decided I wanted to retire.  There's so many cool things I wanted to try.  I love to travel and go places.  I like to go on big and small boats.  Cars and trucks are my favorite way to travel though.  There's so much to see when going somewhere, don't you think?

I enjoy all kinds of activities.  I especially like doing nose works (sniffing for things) and taking training classes for things like Rally Obedience and musical freestyle.  I do volunteer work for a local Greyhound adoption group to help other Greyhounds who don't have homes get adopted.

One of my favorite things to do, besides reading is running.  I like to go fast and race my brother, Blaze.  I have two sisters (Rio and Chloe), a cat brother, PJ, a parrot brother, Reggie and of course my mom.  We are one big happy family.

My favorite kinds of books are adventure books, especially if there are animals in the stories.  I like books about history too.  It's so cool to learn about past events and people.  What kind of books and stories do you like?

I am currently a member of Intermountain Therapy Animals and READing Paws.

I hope you will come read with me soon.  You can email me at and I will email you back!