Coty’s Page


Woof ! Hi, I am Coty. I was born in May of 2006 and I live near Atlanta. My color is brindle which means caramel with chocolate swirls – yummy.  My racing name was Where’s Coyote and now I am known as Cool Coty.  I am cool because I wear biker boots and am very tall and handsome. I wear boots because my back toes were torn from racing and the boots protect my feet from being stepped on.

I like to go swimming, ride in the car and for walks outside.  What fun things do you like to do?

I can run very fast, almost 45 mph! Only a cheetah is faster. In my family, there two more greyhounds, Kelsey and Pie, and the leader of our dog pack, is Susie.  Who is in your family?

We have a big garden to grow wild flowers for the birds and asparagus and raspberries.   I don’t like carrots but I do like sweet potatoes. And little marshmallows ! I love those.

Won't you stop by the library and read to me? That will be fun and I will learn new words and hear new stories. Hope to see you soon!

You can email me at and I will email you back!