Daphne’s Page


My family has always tried to adopt dogs from rescue groups and most often we have more than one dog. About two years ago our Doberman passed away and soon my family decided it was time to look for a new family member. They saw me!  My name is Daphne, a Sheltie.  I was on an adoption website called Pawsibilities in August of 2013 and they fell in love with my sweet personality. They learned that I had been given up by my former owner because there wasn't time for me, and because I was very sick. My papers said I was seven or eight, and that my name used to be Jennie. Just before they got me, I had an operation, and they picked me up after I got better. I was happy to have a new home, and our other dog, Rusty, welcomed me as a new sister.

I just love my treats, and when anyone says the word "cookie", I will bark and run to the kitchen cabinet where the treats are kept. If my people don't get there quickly enough, I look back over my shoulder as if to say "this way! hurry!"

There are two curious things my family learned about me soon after I arrived -- I bark when the phone rings, and I come running when Mom sneezes! Nobody knows if it is something I was taught to do or if it’s something I just like to do!

Mom and I visit a school on Wednesdays to listen to kids read, and I get really excited and run around in circles when I see my special scarf and the blue bag we take with us. I love to ride in the car. And I like going for walks.

Another favorite activity of mine is being brushed. I have lots of fur and I shed a lot a couple times a year so I need to be brushed often so it's a good thing Mom likes to do it!

Pretty soon, I am going to have a new brother named Jody, who is an older collie and a new sister named Jessey, who is a seven year old Sheltie. I'd better get my brushes ready!

I really like to write emails.  If you write to me I will write back to you!  Daphne@READingPaws.org