Elsa’s  Page


Hello everyone! My name is Elsa.  I’m a second generation READing Paws dog.  My daddy Carl was a READing Paws dog before me.  We’re Rottweilers and very big, but very gentle dogs.  I love to lay on my big red blanket to read with children.  Sometimes I get so excited when I see my blanket that Mom can barely get it on the floor before I’m ready to lay down.

My little sister Nikki is also a READing Paws dog.  You can find her bio on the website too.  Between the two of us, we keep Mom very busy going to reading events.  When we see Mom get out the bag with our READing Paws blanket and books, we race each other to the door to see who is going to be the lucky one to go!

I hope to see you soon at one of the READing Paws library events in Upper East Tennessee.

I can’t wait for you to email me and I will email you back!!