Finnegan’s Page


WOOF !  My name is Finnegan! 

I was born November 11, 2006. I was given as a surprise Christmas gift to Laura, who already had a Chocolate Lab. When Laura changed jobs and moved to Arkansas from St Petersburg, FL, she couldn’t handle both dogs, especially the new puppy. So I came to live with Laura's parents, Phil and Judy Martin, in February 2007.

My AKC registered name is Finnegan Simbanala Martin. That's a BIG name isn't it?!  I am a high energy Golden Retriever, bred to hunt. As a hunter, I can work the field all day long. Where I live now, I don't have a field to work, so I turn my energy to chasing and catching balls and Frisbees, plus exercising my humans all day.

Did you know that we have a cat in our house too? I live with Muschi, a five year old Nebulung cat (a silver tipped long haired Russian Blue). Muschi says he rules the house!!

I also like to play with my buddies.  I am really friendly and  try my best to mind my manners. I've gone to a lot of schools; puppy school and dog obedience school, AKC Canine Good Citizen course, and Therapy Training. I am now officially a registered Therapy Dog and a READing Paws dog! 

One of the things that I learned in school was how to write emails! 

You can email me at and I will write back to you!!