Haley’s  Page


Hi!  My name is Haley and I am a Beagle.   My people found me wandering around in the woods when I was just a puppy and they brought me home with them.  I like to call them my mom and dad.


My mom and dad aren’t sure how old I am – I don’t know how to read a calendar so I don’t know what day I was born.  The vet says that I was born sometime in October 2008 so we celebrate my birthday on October 1st .


I have 3 other dogs at my house to play with – Alanna, Sophie, and Sampson.  My brother Sampson is my favorite and we like to wrestle and play chase.


I like it when my mom takes me to tracking class.  I get to follow a person’s scent to find things that have treats hidden inside.  It’s a lot of fun and I’m really good at it!  My mom taught me a really cool trick called “say please” where I wave my front paws.   I also know “spin”, “shake”, “touch” and “back up”.


I love it when people pet me and READ to me.  I hope we can READ together soon!

Send me and email and I will email you back!