Hogan’s Page


Woof Woof!

My name is Hogan.  I understand that my dad named me after a famous golfer.  I am a big Golden Retriever and people say I am handsome.

When my mom and dad adopted me, I was very sick with heartworms, had not been fed enough and me back to health and now I have lots of energy and love to chase balls and chipmunks.  I am a very good swimmer too.  Sometimes I get to go to the beach and dive in the waves after my water toys.  Do you like to swim?

I love to be with people so my mom and I sent to obedience classes so I could learn to be a therapy dog.  I passed all the tests and now I belong to Happy Tails Pet Therapy.  I get to visit hospitals and nursing homes and try to cheer people up.  Have you ever been in a hospital.  It can be very scary.

Since I love to be with kids and can lie down and listen, my mom and I joined READing Paws.  I can’t wait to go to schools and have people read to me.  Maybe they will chose a book about dogs.  Do you like to read?  What is your favorite  book?

Please email me and tell me about your school and favorite subjects.  I hope one is reading.  I’d love to hear from you. 

Please send me an email to Hogan@READingPaws.org. I promise I'll email you back!  See you soon!