Jack’s Page


Woof !   My name is Jack. When I was a puppy I was lost on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.  I was very hungry and did not know what to do.  Along came my new Mom and Dad who fed me and took me back home to Florida.  I met my new sister Penny, a Golden Retriever, who instantly loved me and watched out for me.  I am a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, but some say I may have a touch of Rhodesian Ridgeback somewhere in my ancestry.  After puppy school I became a member of Caring Canines and love to go to the hospital every week with my Dad.  Apparently, I am a big star there because everyone knows me and gives me treats.  My Mom takes me to school every week for READing with the kids.  I love it when I’m told I can go “to work” those days. 

Besides my therapy visits, I like to go to the dog park every day and spend lots of time with Penny and my humans.  I know I am a special dog because I am told that everywhere I go. 

I like to write email too.  You can email me at Jack@readingpaws.org