Jacque’s Page


Woof Woof!

I am a Bichon and my name is Jacques Cousteau.  Cousteau sounds like “to show”.  You can call me “Jacques Cousteau” or “Jacques to show” or call me “Jacques” like my parents call me.  I was born in Florida, but my parents wanted me to have a French name.  I am named after the famous French underwater explorer who helped us understand how important our oceans are to all of us. 

My mom is a school psychologist and she has worked with students all of her life.  She loves being with students.  So one day she asked me if I wanted to work with students.  I said, “That’s cool”.  So the next thing that happened was that mom and I went to school.   I worked hard at school and I was proud when I passed my test for Therapy Dog Inc. Then mom and I became a registered READing Paws team.  Now we can go to schools and libraries to read with students of all ages and that’s cool.   

My dad is a golfer and I get to go with him in my golf cart to watch him practice.  I love to be outside and I love to watch the golfers.  I can’t swing a golf club but I can chase a tennis ball and I love to do that when I am not having a story read to me.

You know I cannot talk in words, but I talk with my eyes, my head, and my voice so you can understand me and I love when people read to me. 

You can click on this link and find out about my namesake Jacques Cousteau


I like to write email too.  You can email me at Jacques@READingPaws.org