Jupiter’s Page



My name is Jupiter and I am a black lab mix. My family adopted me from a shelter so they don’t know what I am mixed with, but they really don’t care because they love me just the way I am. They say it is this mix that makes me the sweet girl I am today. I am originally a California girl so I’m not real fond of this Georgia heat, but I do love these Georgia squirrels. In fact chasing them with my best friend Dixie is one of my favorite things to do. I also love digging for them in my yard. Mom is not real thrilled with this hobby!

She does like my favorite hobby though which is being read to at the library. I just started this hobby but know I will love it. I am not digging the baths I have to take to look my best though!

I’m also an Ambassadog at church. That means I get to greet all the people coming in and get petted! And you thought only humans could be greeters! You can see I’m going to be pretty busy, but I also plan on doing some therapy work with kids who have cancer. Well, I look forward to meeting you soon and hearing your favorite book!

You can email me at Jupiter@READingPaws.org and I will write back to you!