Kevlar’s  Page


WOOF!  Hello, there! My name is Kevlar, and I was born around June 2010. (I'm a rescue dog, so we're not really sure exactly how old I am.) I was found as a little puppy wandering the streets with my mom after the floods in May 2010, and brought to Metro Animal Control. That's where my mom found me and brought me to my forever home. Now I have a safe, warm place to sleep, plenty of food and toys, and best of all, I have the two greatest furry brothers in the whole world!  I'm a typical baby sister - that's me in the picture trying to show my big brother I can carry sticks, too!  The other picture is me cuddling with my older but smaller furry brother!

I passed my Delta Society Pet Partners Program test to be a therapy dog with a perfect score at 13 months old! Since then, my mom and I have volunteered at camps, nursing homes, and Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. We are so excited to also be volunteering at the Nashville Southeast Branch Library. I hope that you will come read to me there!  I'll be the furry one with one and a half blue eyes!

I love to hike in the woods, play with my brothers, and learn new things. I do a lot of stuff to help my mom around the house. I clean up all my toys, pick things up so she doesn't have to bend down, and go get drinks from the refrigerator for her! I was a little afraid of the water for a long time, but when I turned 2 years old, I started to love it! I followed my big brother in and learned how much fun it is to chase ducks in the lake (even though I can never catch them), and jump over waves in the ocean! These are some of my favorite things! What are your favorite things?

Thanks for reading about me, and don't forget to come read TO me at the Southeast Branch Library! 

I like to receive email too!  Write to me at