Kodi’s Page



Hi! My name is Kodi and I am a Brittany Spaniel. 

I was found running loose in a field in Illinois several years ago.  The American Brittany Rescue took me from the shelter and placed me in a foster home.  My mom adopted me when I was 1 1/2 yrs old and I have lived with her ever since.  I am a very energetic dog.  I love to run at the dog park and point at the birds.  I also love to swim and play with my adopted sister, Maya.  Maya is a Brittany also.  My favorite thing is to cuddle with people and have them read to me.  I especially like children because they will sit on the floor with me and read a good book!  Please come and read to me!

You can email me at Kodi@READingPaws.org and I will write back to you!