Logan’s Page



My name is GRCH Paisleylane Debonair Wolverine CGC, VC, THDN . My friends just call me LOGAN after Hugh Jackman the movie star in X-Men Wolverine.  I am a grand champion parti standard poodle and a BEST IN SHOW winner but I lead a pretty simple life and do not let that go to my head.  I love to  play in the yard , chase the ball and help my Dad with chores. My Mom and I visit many people in hospitals and have lots of kids read wonderful stories to me at the library.


I was born in Cincinnati and was picked out at 8 weeks old  by my new Mom and Dad to live in sunny Florida. My big sister is Isabelle who is white and I adore her. She is a READing Paws dog too just like me.

Recently my Mom picked up a new special silver standard  poodle puppy who's name is Katie. Katie pesters me until I play with her and then we get into lots of trouble.  I still like her even though she needs to learn more manners .


My favorite person is Kaelyn who just went to kindergarten this year. She reads to me and plays lots of games.  I ride in the car every morning  to take her to school.  I really want to go with her and play with all the kids but my Dad says I can't.  Someday maybe they'll let me visit for an afternoon.


Please write to me  and I will write back. My email address is Logan@READingPaws.org