Lucy’s Page


WOOF!! Hi kids!  My name is Lucy. 

I'm a former racing Greyhound.  That means that I used to have a paying job!  Yes, I used to run around a track shaped like an oval and if I came in first, second, or third, I got paid!  Fortunately for me, I became available for adoption before my racing career really took off! That was when my two legged mommy, Ms. Patti, adopted me and I have to tell you, I never looked back!   

Life has been so wonderful since those days at the track.  Ms. Patti spoils us rotten.  Oh, by "us"' I'm talking about me and my three other sisters.  Yes, I have three sisters!   Let's see, there is Remi who is 10 years old, Sugar who is 10 years old, Sami who is 3 years old and I'm 6 years old.

Back to the spoiling part, first off, even though we are slim dogs, you can be sure Ms. Patti feeds us well.  She also takes the time to bake us homemade cookies.  Isn't that awesome?  And we have the fluffiest beds in every room PLUS we have all the toys we could possibly want to play with!  Life is good!

Other activities I do for fun include running around a field chasing fake bunnies. It's called lure coursing.  I've done pretty well, I think.  Ms. Patti says so because I've won lots of ribbons.  I'm what they call a Field Champion.  It's lots of fun and I really enjoy it.

I also visit adults and children in hospitals.  It's fun, too, because I get so much attention!  I love it!  And the adults and kids do, too!

My hobby at home is squirrel hunting.  I am okay at this, I think.  I've caught two.  They're really hard to catch but that's what makes it such fun!

And probably the thing I love to do the most is nap.  Love napping!  It's great and I get several a day.  Again, life is good!

Ms. Patti and myself are very excited about being a R.E.A.D. team.  I'm looking forward to meeting you and hearing you read to me.

Please send me an email to I love getting emails and hearing from you.  I promise I'll email you back!  See you soon!