Midnight’s  Page


Woof !  

Welcome to my page.  My name is Midnight and I’m a Standard Poodle.  I turned 2 years old on September 4, 2011 and this is my first year as a READing Paws dog.  I am SO excited to meet my kids and listen to them read. 

When I'm not READing, Mom takes me to visit senior citizens and I get to meet more new people.  It makes me so happy to see them smile.   

I want to be wherever my family is and I especially like it when we go on trips.  I love to travel and visit with my family and friends in New Orleans and Cincinnati.   

I really like to play ball with my squeaky ball, play with my friends at the dog park and go for walks because I get to say “hi” to everyone.  Sometimes I chase squirrels just for fun.  I never catch them, but it’s still so much fun!  I even go to camp and run all day with my camp doggie friends.  Playing outside makes me feel SO good. 

I look forward to meeting you so we can READ together too!

You can also email me.  I’m eager to hear what your favorite books are and what you like to do.  And if you read a great book and love it, let me know that too so I can read it and share it with other kids.

Hearing from you will make me smile.  You can email me at Midnight@READingPaws.org