Morgan’s Page


Woof! My name is Morgan and I am a 3 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.  My ancestors (that is a big word meaning "family") originally came from the Alps Mountains in Switzerland where they worked on the farm and pulled the farmer's milk carts to town for sale! What a cool job that must be - although I don't work on a farm here in Atlanta, I do enjoy pulling carts.  I'm just learning how to do it, but I'm sure I'll get better at it with practice.

When I'm not outside playing with my dog buddies at the park, I enjoy spending time with my people & cat family.  I share my home with three kitties - Ashes, Patches & Jaspurr and two people, my "dog parents." The kitties don't like to play with me too much - but, my "dog parents" do. I love a good game of catch the squeaky toy or kick ball!  I can run the whole length of my yard with a soccer ball in my mouth!  Pretty neat, huh?

However, the thing I like to do best is to spend quiet time on the couch.  I will often curl up next to my "dog parents" while they read.  I've even seen a few books that have pictures of other Bernese Mountain Dogs in them!  Those are my most favorite books - I love to hear about their adventures.  What kind of books do you like?  Do they have dogs in them?  If you want to share your favorite book with me won't you send me an email?  I can't type, but my "dog parents" promised to read them all to me and I am an excellent listener!  Oh & if you email me, I'll be sure to answer back!

Big Woofs!



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