Moses’  Page


Woof woof woof!

My name is Moses and I am a mixed breed dog.  I am part Standard Poodle, part Labrador, part Curly Coated Retriever, and part Irish Water Spaniel.  That is a lot of parts!

My grandfather came from Australia.  I love to play catch and I can catch balls on the fly in the air!  I love to play chase with my dog friends and with the boys across the street. They play football with me and occasionally, I am the monkey in the middle.  I always get the football from them! 

I also love tug-a-war.  I usually win since I am getting stronger every day as I grow up. I went to obedience school and the teacher took my picture with a funny hat.  I became a therapy dog since you can see from my pictures, I am always smiling and loving people.

My favorite place to go is to the library where lots of children come and pet me.  I am learning to listen to stories and love hearing about other animals - except cats.  Many cats come into our yard and I love to chase them!

I hope you will come and read a book to me soon.

I love to email too!  If you email me - I will email you back!

You can email me at