Nellie Grace’s Page


Woof woof woof!

Hey Y’all – My name is Nellie Grace.  I am around seven or eight years old.  I am not exactly sure just how old I am because I wandered into my mom’s yard in 2006.   The vet said that he thought I was about 1 ½ years old then.  I am a Great Pyrenees.  Great Pyrenees are livestock guardians, and we mostly help care for flocks of sheep in the pasture.   I don’t live in a pasture, and I don’t care for sheep.  My flock is my mom, Elaine, and my grandmom, Mama Doris, and I take care of them.   We have a lot of fun together.

I love to be outdoors as much as I can.  I hike with my mom once a day – sometimes twice at day at Stone Mountain Park.  We hike the Cherokee Trail.  I like to walk through the woods, and jump in the lake every now and then.  It is lots of fun, and very good exercise.  Exercise is important, you know.  We all need a little of it every day. 

I also love to travel.  The longest distance I have ever traveled was when we visited a friend in Austin, TX.  Whew – that was a long ride!  But I didn’t mind – I had the whole back area of the Jeep, and we stopped often so I could stretch my legs.  I was quite comfortable – it just took a long time to get there.  I also love to go to the beach – Hilton Head is my favorite spot.  I have made some dog friends there, and we always meet on the beach every morning when I visit, and chase the waves and roll in the sand.  My favorite place to visit, I think, is anywhere that there is snow.  We visit the Smoky Mountains sometimes in the winter.  I love to roll in the snow, throw a few snow balls, and help make a snow man!!   Once we made a snow dog!! 

I am new to READing Paws.  This is my first year to be lucky enough to visit an elementary school each week.  I love for you to sit on my blanket and read to me.  I especially like books about other Great Pyrenees, magicians, and climbing mountains.  If you don’t mind, I really love to rest my head in your lap while you read me a story or rest my paw on your knee.  

Please email me at – I love to get mail!!  I’ll answer you, and we can be e-pals!!!  Hope to hear from you soon!