Paddy O’Hara’s  Page


Hello!!!  My name is Paddy O’Hara.  I am called a Flemish Giant Rabbit.  I weigh 18 pounds because I am the largest breed of rabbit.  My Birthday is March 15, 2010.   My family says that I am very sweet, social, fearless, and funny.  

My human family found me up in Knoxville, Tennessee and drove me and my brother back to Nashville. My new family had to decide which one of us would live in their home and which one would go to live at the Nashville Zoo.   I decided that I like the house.   I made friends with Nike the dog so I could stay in the house.

I love my house.  I even have my own bedroom.   I have plenty of blankets in the house that I can sleep on.    I enjoy reading the phone book, playing with paper grocery sacks, and grooming my stuffed animals.  I have a cat, a penguin, and a rabbit. 

I love to play with my family. My favorite game is bugging my dog.  I like to wait until he is sleeping and sneak up on him and kiss him.   He doesn’t always approve but it makes my family laugh.   Then I get so excited, I jump in the air kicking my feet to the side, and take off hopping as fast as I can.   I also love to play hide and seek with my dog and my humans.  I am great at hiding and when I can’t be found, opening the refrigerator door always finds me.  I can’t pass up a treat. 

I follow my dog everywhere.  We are a great team when it comes to stealing treats.  I love to jump so I jump up on the table and grab the treats.  I spill the treats on the floor.  Nike and I eat as many as we can before the treats disappear.  I also know how to get treats from my family without stealing them.   I can do tricks.  I stand up, I sit, I kiss, I offer my head for petting, and I even try to sit on human laps.   I taught my dog how to do all of my tricks so he can share the treats with me.  My favorite treats are raisins, grapes, blueberries, mint leaves, and yogurt drops. 

I enjoy going outside to play with my dog.  I also like to go places like the lake.  I like to watch Nike and the ducks swim in the lake.  I always feel safe in strange places because my dog Nike is a great big brother.  He always protects me from animals and people before we go anywhere.   

I love to go to work.  My dog Nike does not go with me. He does not work anymore.  He stays home and sleeps while I go to work.   I visit Ruby Major Elementary School.  The kids love reading stories to me and I love to listen.  I have my own books too.   I like to chew on the pages of my books.  I like to teach kids all about rabbits.

You can email me at  and I will write back to you!