Peanut’s Page



My name is Peanut. I am a Beagle mix. I live with my two sisters, Precious, a boxer mix and Schnitzel, a dachshund. We have lots of fun running around in our back yard. Precious is old so I don’t play with her much but Schnitzel and I love to play hide and seek and fetch with my human family. Life is full of running, eating and sleeping. 

My human family brought me home when I was a puppy. They came and rescued me from an Animal Rescue group in Oconee, GA. I was there with my brothers and sisters. I was so tiny that I could fit on my human daughters arm. She carried me all over a store and showed me lots of items to play with. She was very sweet.  My human family say I take after a dog called Clifford because when they brought  me home I was very small but I keep growing and they don’t know when I’ll stop.  

My human Mum talked to me about becoming an Paws dog and she said that I would have children read to me. Oh boy was I excited about that.  She said I’d need to go through training and learn how to sit, stay and walk on a lead. I let her know I wanted to do this by wagging my tail real hard. Training was hard but my human Mum and I stuck to it and kept thinking of all those children that would read to me and before we knew it we’d got our Canine Good Citizen training completed and even the Therapy Dog Inc training done. For Therapy Dog Inc. I had to go visit people at a home and it was nice to have them pet me and talk to me.  My human Mum had to go to the Paws training by herself but I was home waiting for her and helped her with the test. 

We are now ready to have children read to us so my human Mum signed us up at the Jackson-Butts County Library. When we went for our first Paws session I was nervous but I did what my human Mum said and laid down and listened. They were good readers and I enjoyed the books. I still go and visit some people at a home and enjoy that even though they keep saying I’m a he but my human Mum tells them I’m a girl. Really!!! How rude.

I can’t wait to hear from you. I’ll email you back quickly and let you know all about the fun I have, what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been. Hope to hear from you soon.

If you would like to read to me, you can email me at