Pearlie Mae’s Page



Hello, my name is Pearlie Mae and I am a white toy poodle.  I am called Pearlie because I have such pretty white fur.  My people Mama also named me Mae, to honor the memory of her favorite great aunt, and that makes me feel very special indeed!

I live with my parents and my sister Chloe, in a pretty house, with a big fenced yard where my sister and I can play.  Sometimes we see squirrels in our yard and once we even saw something that we thought was a very strange-looking dog, with no fur, we were very puzzled about it, but our parents said it was not a dog at all...I think they called it a turtle!

We have a great time playing chase, tug-of-war, and keep away.  My favorite thing is carrying a toy around in my mouth and if there is no toy handy, I will even carry a leaf or other things.  I am so happy that I was rescued and now live in a good home, with lots of good food and love.

My sister Chloe is also a therapy dog.  We both enjoy helping people, because our parents have taught us how important it is to be helpful.  Chloe and I both have many pretty dresses that we like to wear.  I am very happy, kissy girl.  Why, I’m so happy that when I wag my tail, I even wag my whole backside!

I belong to three Therapy organizations:

1. P.U.P.S. (Pets Uplifting Peoples Spirits Ministry at Kennesaw UMC)

2. Therapy Dogs, Inc.

3. READing Paws.

I love being read to and look forward to meeting my new reading friends at the Library. Can’t wait to see you there!

I love to receive email - so please write to me at