Pie’s  Page


Woof ! Hi, my name is Sweetie Pie. My nickname is “Pie”. I was born in December of 2008 and I live near Atlanta. I am a mostly white greyhound. I lived in Florida and Alabama before moving to Georgia.

I am a retired racing greyhound. I ran over 125 races but last year I broke my leg and it was amputated. Now I am ‘tri-pawd’. A dog with three legs. I am still very, very fast, but don’t race anymore. My new job is as a registered pet therapy dog. That means listening to kids read to me at the library and visiting nursing homes and hospitals.  It’s fun to have a job because I get to meet lots of children, usually they are as tall as me and I get lots of pets and sometimes try to kiss them! My Mom drives me to my jobs.

My Mom says my tail never stops wagging and that I am the fastest dog she has ever seen, faster than my greyhound brother and sister, Coty and Kelsey. Greyhounds can run 45 mph, only a cheetah is faster. I love to run and chase balls.  And mud puddles, boy-oh-boy, do I love those!!

The leader of our dog pack is Susie. There are also kitties in our family. I like kitties, they are funny and furry. Who is in your family?

Won't you stop by the library and read to me? That will be fun and I will learn new words and hear new stories. Hope to see you soon!

You can email me at Pie@READingPaws.org and I will email you back!