Sadie’s Page



My name is Sadie and I am 3 years old.  I am what you call a “mixed breed”.  I might be part Cairn terrier.  We aren’t positive of my lineage.  When I was a puppy, about a year old, I ate something that looked really good but it was poisonous.  I ended up at the animal hospital where I had to stay for 10 days and received a lot of medicine to make me well again.  My mom and dad adopted me from that hospital and I now have a great forever home with them.  I live with two cats that don’t do much of anything but it is fun to chase them around the house.

I became a therapy dog when I was a year and a half old and now I spend my Wednesday afternoons visiting a local nursing home but what I really love is being a READing Paws dog.  I get to visit with a lot of great kids and listen to a lot of great books that the students read to me.  I didn’t know that there were so many books to read.  I have learned about dinosaurs, snakes, dolphins, boats, cars and some very interesting people.  I work with my best friend, Riley, who is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and he is very handsome.  I hope you enjoy your READing experience with me.

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