Sampson Z’s Page


Woof woof woof!

Hi, my name is Sampson and I am a 2 year old Black Lab.  I was adopted a year ago from a local Lab rescue here in the Georgia area.  Not many people would stop to look at me because I was all black and for some reason that was not the preferred color of a Lab.   I always sat quietly and never barked and one day a family (my soon to be forever family) came by to say hi to me.  My 2 human sisters got right down on the ground to play with me.  Being the gentleman that I am, I only gave kisses when appropriate.  After about an hour of walking and petting and remaining on my best behavior, I was adopted!  I was a little shy at first but my family knew we would be the best of friends. 

Like a true Lab my family realized I needed to have many fun and different toys around the house so I would not get bored.  But the best gift of all is when I hear a new can of tennis balls opening up.  They are my favorite thing and I could chase them all day.  

I am very calm and very laid back so my mom thought I would be ideal for therapy work.  I am not a big fan of other dogs sharing my space so I love to work one on one and by myself.  I don’t have to share any belly rubs that way!    We went through many training classes, agility, Canine Good Citizen, Delta Society and then READing Paws.    I am so excited to read with children and can’t wait to hear all their stories.   I love to receive all kinds of mail so please email me at