Snicker’s  Page


Snickers and I met in 2010 in Percy Warner Park in Nashville.  She didn't have a home and I guess she decided that I needed her.  Since that time we have happily lived together.  

Snickers loves everyone but especially children.  She is a very good dog.  She doesn't chew on any of my things and is always very clean.  She doesn't bark very much but when she gets excited she talks. She has several four-footed friends.

One of her very best friends is a Great Dane.  She and her person come over to our house so the dogs can  play. Snickers' other good friend is a very little dog. Even though he is much smaller than Snickers, they have a great time playing together. Snickers is very good at sharing her toys with her friends.

Snickers is probably about five years old and weighs 85 pounds.  

I'm so glad to be able to share Snickers with everyone. She always makes me feel happy and I hope you will enjoy your time with her.

You can email Snikers too!  Use this link to email Snickers!