Sophie’s  Page


Hi!  My name is Sophie and I am a Jack Russell Terrier.   I was found wandering around in Columbia TN when I got caught by the dogcatcher.  Boy was that scary!  But I was really lucky and a rescue group came to get me and found me a wonderful place to live with people who love me.  I like to call them my mom and dad.


My mom and dad aren’t sure how old I am – I don’t know how to read a calendar so I don’t know what day I was born.  The vet said that I might have been born in 2003 or 2004.    We celebrate my birthday on January 31st.


I have 3 other dogs at my house to play with – Alanna, Sampson, and Haley.  My sister Alanna is my favorite so I give her kisses all the time.  I have to watch out for my brother Sampson.  He’s a really big boy and sometimes he forgets that I’m small and accidentally steps on me!


I like to chase things and sometimes I even catch lizards and mice and bring them to my mom and dad.  (They don’t always seem as happy about that as I am.)   My mom taught me some tricks like “dance”, “spin”, “wave”, “speak”, “touch” and “shake”.


I love it when people snuggle with me and pet me – especially while they’re reading to me.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE to listen to stories!

You can email me and I will write back to you!


I hope we can READ together soon!