Spanky’s  Page


Hello!  My name is Spanky.  I am a Shih Tzu.  My Mother got me as a puppy when she really needed some unconditional love in her life.  Now we are “paying it forward” by going to nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, inner city churches, and now the Green Hills Library as a READing Paws team. 

I am quite the soft cuddle bug.  I love human beings of all ages, genders, colors, and sizes.  My favorite trick is to catch a ball in my mouth in the air or as a one-hopper! 

I also love riding in the car.  Being my Mom’s constant companion makes me one proud doggie.  People love to pet me; in fact, I will perform an amazing number of tricks just to have you keep it up!  Of course, there are certain treats that will get me to perform as well. 

My Mom and I love to walk.  We walk every morning and usually every afternoon.  We are both very motivated to keep fit and be healthy.  Since I am an only child, we are always looking for folks (and dogs) to walk with us or meet us for happy hour where they allow dogs on their patios.

I love to get emails!  If you write to me - I will write back to you!  Email me at