Susie’s Page


Woof !  Hi, I am Susie.  I was born in July of 2006 in Atlanta and sprinkled with lots of red fairy dust.  I have red fur, brown eyes, white toes, a curly tail and a big smile.

In my family, there are cats and two greyhounds, Coty and Kelsey.  Who is in your family?

I am a dog who loves cats! Margherita and Sara run under my nose and twirl between my legs.  That tickles!  When I play, I run very fast in-and-out between the cypress trees and the fence line hoping that Kelsey will chase me but I cut the corners fast and she can't catch me.  Kelsey is a fast greyhound and can run 45 mph!  Only a cheetah is faster.  We have lots of fun.  I love to run.  We have a big garden to grow wild flowers for the birds and asparagus and raspberries.

I also like to sit in the sun or by the fireside and listen to stories.  Say!  Won't you stop by the library and read to me?  That will be fun and I will learn new words and stories.  Hope to see you soon!

I like to email too!  You can email me at and I will email you back!