Tarra’s Page

Woof !

My name Tarra and I am an English Cream  Golden Retriever.  Boy!  That’s a mouthful isn’t it? I was born in Atlanta and when I was a little bitty puppy, my Mom & Dad came and picked me up and we went to Orlando.  

My favorite things to do include: 
pestering my sisters
chasing lizards
listening to kids READ to me! 
I have two big sisters named Abbi and Cari and a little sister named Alyeska. Abbi and Cari are both READing Paws dogs too.  Abbi is fun to play with - we get into lots of trouble together. Cari is my “fun to wrestle with” sister. Aly is a general pain in the neck!  She chews on me.  I hope she grows up fast!
Sometimes I have to help babysit the grandkids.  Boy is THAT hard work!  

I’m part of the Morris Animal Foundations’ Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.  That’s a big name but Mom says they are doing important things with all my information & data! 

I love READing, and I listen very well.  When the story is really good, I like lay my head in your lap - that way it’s convenient for you to pet me! Please will you come and share a book with me?
I love to receive and send email too. 
You can email me too!