Tony’s Page


Hi! My name is Tony. 

I am so happy that you are visiting my web page. I just love hearing from you.

This is my life story.

I was adopted. I have an older brother (black dog) and an older sister (gray cat).  We were all  adopted by our current family. 

I like to hike. I also like to swim in the lake. I like to eat vegetables. Vegetables make me big and strong.  My favorite vegetable is a carrot. I also like baseball and football.

I visit people that are in hospitals. They smile when they see me. I am happy when I visit them.


I went to dog school so that I could visit you in your school and at the Minden Library.  

Minden Elementary School is so cool.  Mr. Stoll, Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Hart are great! Thank you Mr. Stoll, Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Hart for letting me come to Minden Elementary School.

My favorite activity is when children read to me. I not only get to spend time with you, my friend, but I also learn a lot from the books that you read to me.  I learned to pay attention to where I am going, so that I do not get lost. I learned to wipe my feet and not make paw prints. I also learned not to lose my socks.  The biggest lesson that I learned this week is how much fun school is. I got to spend time with the four new school friends that I met last week. Merry Christmas!



BTW - You can email me at and I’ll write you back!