Trace’s Page


Hi, I'm Trace, a Black Labrador Retriever who started in READing Paws in 2010.  I sometimes have trouble sitting still while you read to me but it's not because I'm not listening, it's just that I need to move sometimes.  Maybe you have that same trouble sometimes.  I hope you understand.  But I'm learning self-control.  My mom also calls me "the laundry Lab" because I help her take socks out of the dryer and put them into the laundry basket.  I can't match them up, though.  I helped raise money for READing Paws last Christmas at Barnes & Noble bookstore.  People would give me a dollar bill and I'd go put it in the jar.  We raised a LOT of money in a few hours because people wanted to see me do that.  So I tried getting $5 for my trick, "Give me high five, for $5".  Everybody had fun.

I like seeing kids one at a time, or just 2-3 together.  I get a little anxious when I see crowds of kids coming at me.  So if you'll stop a few feet in front of me and let me come to you and sniff, then I'll be a much happier pup.  I like to be scratched under the chin instead of patted on the head.  I bet you don't like to be tapped on the head either.

I look forwad to READing with you and getting to know you.


OH!  You can email me at and I’ll try and write you back.  Deal?